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February 4, 1915     The Osage County Herald-Choronicle
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February 4, 1915

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--" towns should become a law it will on equal terms to all the world, To the Yi0tors Bel0ngthe Spoils, -  1 r lr" become the avenue for more to every nation, belligerent or Thecounty commissioners at . BOrn & . / . . frame ups tha00 towns wil, be noutra' 00heir meeting at Lyndon this .. " able to take care of. The bill is "If any American citizens, week elected George Newell, a AIN 1) a piece of foolishness. No city partisans of Germany and Austro- democrat, of Burlingame super .... can stop men slippingin and sell- Hungary, feel that this adminis- intendent of the county farm to The Largest Tailors in the Worl d ing booze occasionally and then tration is acting in a way injurious succeed Thomas Bowen, republi- slipping out again. There are to the cause of those countries, can. The county printing con- E [2 1 T lots of fools in the legislature, this feeling results frm the fact tract for legal publications was We have just received their B E N TheTieka-State-J0urnal in thatn the high seas the Ger" lettthe Lyndn Herald' Mel" man and Austro-Hungarian naval vern Review and the Enterprise, ]iFle of reporting the basketball game power is thus far inferior to the share and share alike, at 75 per between the Burlingame Athle- British. It is the business of a cent of legal rates, an advance i i d S tics and Topeka CUbSwithsaySmuchit belligerent operating on the high of 50per cent over the old rate, .11 was a free-for-all" seas, not the duty of a neutral, each to have one third. The -l, rills ag ummer Masquerade Skating prevent contraband from jobprinting was given to the Sample one Topekan getting a black eye reaching an enemy." Lyndon paper except half the S and other players of both teams at the Burlingame Rink getting bruises of minor nature. Occasionally a member of the ballots and the court docket, 1, And all this time we've thought legislature bobs up who is gifted which go to the Melvern paper. The Chronicle's bid tosave the and would indeed be r basketball a parlor game, fit only with a little more than average FR|DAY EVEN]N0 FEB for the fair sex! sense. Drummond of Norton county 50 per cent on the old ....... for instance, has a bill to amend rate paid for publications, 75 per to show tl]elYl to you. The Chronicle, as the one re- the Kansas white slave law so as cent on tax list and from 15 to 25 per cent on all job printing Prizes will be given to the Lady and Gentleman publican " newspaper in Osage to provide that where a woman was not considered. Comment county, wishes to 'extend its over the age of 18 years willingly is reserved for another time. There are over ,300 Samples with the Most Comical Costume. heartiest congratulation to Wal- accompanies a man from one ter L. Payne of this city upon place to another within the state  Refused t0 Setile G0unt/Seal Row, to select from. Admission=- 10c the honor conferred upon him or from one state to another, even The house committee on public Skates for ladies, 5c; Skates for gentlemen, 15c by the Kansas Day club in elect- for immoral purposes, the man building and grounds yesterday ing him to the presidency. Mr. can be held only for a misde- declined to settle the county seat Let us measure you now. You can The proceeds from this entertainment go for Payne is always a republican, meanor instead of a felony, row in Osage county. E. E. earnest, able, consistent, and the The object of thebill is toremove McDougall, chairman of the com- have the suit come anytime. the benefit of the Burlingame Boys Band. club is to be felicitated upon se- the opportunity for blackmail mittee, reported back house bill curing as its head such a capable which exists under the present 176, by C. T. Niehart of Osage, The Band Will Play at 7:45 representative of the realrepub- law. Thebillhowever, shouldgo with the recommendation that Fit and Satisfaction Guaranteed. ,lican party. Burlingame up- farther and make man and woman it be notpassed. The gentleman - ....... ; !preciates the splendid compli- equally culpable. Many a man from Osage had slipped a little ment offered this city and one is led astray by immoral and de- bill into the house hopper that Join the Crowd fitsrepresetativeitizesfrsigingwmenjustsnscrupuwudhavekepttheuntyseat Golden Rule Shoe Slore whom we trust the honor is but lous men lead women from the at Lyndon for all time to come, a stepping stone to a place higher th of rectitude, according to a delegation from up in the politics of the state. .............................. B E A L E B 1 O S. Help the Cause We believe our townspeople will CO/|NO TO Osage that appeared before thecommitted. be a unit in congratulating the Neihart's bill was reported out new president of the Kansas Day Burlingame, Kansas club upon the honor bestowed so United Doctors Specialist of the same committee favorably ................................................................................................................... L  unanimously as they will also win be at the early in the session. Then Me- , .................................................................... Dougall was informed of the pur- | unite in supporting him should Shepard Hotel pose of the bill, had itreferred '- he again decide tobe a candidate Saturday, Feb. 6, 19IS back, and yesterday announced Have Your Clothes ! For the Tired, Overworked, for state treasurer--a possibili- 0118 Day 011IX, Hrs, 9 fl,m, |0 6 p, m, that it. had been sent to the RunoDown Person tycoon has made final decision. Remarkabte Success o, these TaZnt- electric chair and the current Ma-- to Your Own ed Physicians in the Treatment properly applied. --Topeka Capi- ..................... of Ghronlc Diseases For all whose appetite is poor 0OR POSITION AS A NEUTRAL, ' , tal February 4. Liki and whose blood needs purify- Offer Their Services Hg. ing we recommend The defense of the United Free of Charge G0mmercial Glub is Growing, . ! E X A L L States government of its inter- The United Doctors, licensed by the There was a large attendance pretation of the rightsand duties State of Kansas for the treatment of de- at the Commercial club Tuesday COME and pick your Sursapariila Tonic of a neutral power in the Euro- fotmities and all nervous and chronic di- night. Three new members own cloth, the design and An All-the-year-round tonic that will penn war, made in reply to tom- senses of men, women and children, offer sharpen the appetite, aid the digestion plaints from Germany and Ger- to aU who can on this visit consultation were taken in and the local mini- c o 1 o r you like best, examination and advice free. making no sters made honorary members, choose the model|that pleases and strengthen the nerves, man sympathizers in this country, charge whatever except the actual cost of The club definitely decided to your eye, and have your suit Purifies the Blood and Tones is exhaustive but to the point, treatment, for the purpose of proving that have Saturday auctions, will have made up according to your up the System. The document, prepared jointly they have at last discovered a system and an auctioneer and advertise the by President Wilson, Secretary method of treatmepts that are reasonably sales. Dates will be fixed later, own measurements. $1.00 per bottle of State Bryan and Robert Lan- sure and certain in their results. Thee 1)octors are among America's The Riebe house bill was en- That's the right way to buy The Rexall Store. F.W. Fogweli sing, counselor of the state de- leading stomach and nezve specialists, and dorsed. It provides for the ap- clothes. ""-" partment, states that it is not are experts in the treatment of chronic portionment of the county road -- . + n,,., ,e + o,,ernment in diseases of the Iflood liver stomach in-  I' "" ............  ...................  [Lk:'"^ of" its neutral testines skin nerves' heart, spleen 'kid fund among the township in pro- And it's the cheapest way, too. / the perivvluauc ...... - portion to the amounts raised in A made-to-measure suit at  t,,/gA.**,/gk^zr, l I At Kelly, Kansas, Uncle Sam ...... ent all trade neys or bladder, rheumatism, sciatic, din- : (1  lJlj/lilllll bll//l|l%l | ....... oongauons, to prey .... . Y  "Y I canno nna any one wimng to [ ........ betes, pea-wetting, tape worm. mg umers, each township by levy. Thecom- $15-$25 is a very low price for in conraoano ann thUS to equa weak lun s and those affected with long Established S63. ] take the postoffice. Not so in ............ e g. , , , i missioners will supervise expert- the bigreturn in value, quality .................................. t llze the mrterence sue w ta stanain aeeo staten chronic aiseases, ditures for the roads to be estab- and selectness.  v C,OROr w. aURROUHOS. [ Burhngame, where there _s an irelativ e naval strength of the that have baffled the skill of other physic- lished and maintained. :  abundance of material and not ^,: ..... o This overnment's inns should not fail to call nt as econd elm-s Matter at the', rotoffice [ - .e ......... 1:--.- _..,__ _, ,_ [ b,,s=-- s "' " :IE ed _ .- . ,ew ppttctllb W[10 all nave t .... ointedl stated According to their system ,o more oper- Get seats early for the Corn- DEW" at Burlmgame ransas pOSllOn zs very p y t [ :  their ears to the grass ropes wait-1 .......... ,ation for appe.diciti, gallstones, urnors, inertial club minstrel show Fri- W ILL ,,  ]n nese wo paragraphs io,owmg -, Oe DOLLAR PER YIAR ing to hear word from Washing- [ I golfer, piles, ect. By 'heir method these day February 12. ............ , . /taken from this document: !cas uncomplicated are treated without Burlingame, Karts. -* .................  ..........  on as to Duclley 13OOlllJ;le s in- ,, ; TeLePhoNes . .. [ If Germany and Austro-Hun- I operation or hypodermic injection. They Friday evening, February 12, enuons : Mutual No. a*7, Indepe,dent No. ,6 ] arv cannot imnort contraband / were among the first in America to earn Lincoln's birthday, is the date . , .................... : .....   / ' "-. . - ..... [the name of "Bloodless Surgeons," by fixed for the Commercial club - - !fronthzscountry, , ]s noe t .." . [ doing away with the knife, with blood minstrel show. A fine program For sale, at Thorn's bakery, a / Remember to go to the Baptist LalgcstClrcu|b.,lon of any paper If the roosed bill to make cause of this fact, the duty of d witu,i. i the successful treatment In Osage County. Kansas towns responsible for the United States to close ts/o these dangerou. diseases, has been arranged and the show few empty lard barrels. Fine  church next Sunday and hear A. --__ _ __ any damages that may ensue markets to the Allies. , The mar- I you have kidney or bladder trouble will be a good one. Seats now for packing meat. 20tilL. Drummond. are o en u bring a two ounce bottle of }our urine for t--UR-SAY. FER-t]AR-Y -5 from the sale of liquor in thetketsof this country p p. , ' on sale at Price's. Admission li .... i i chemical analysis and mmroscopic exami- 35 cents. nation. Scientific, accurate and careful cxami- k loud explosion, so far uri- nation of the eyes made and glasses fitted explained, about 6:30 Wednes- bY the mst expert methds knwn" All day mrning' alarmed many PC- WAR PBICE'S GO/00/00E I00ClAL C LUB glasses are manufactured and grund fr ple. The shock was sufficient to each individual case Deafness has often rattle dishes on the shelves. been cured in sixty days. Worn-outana n don men o women. Marshal Reid, who had bunked T E LS " Did You MINS no matter what your ailment may be no four tourists at the city jail matter what you have been told, or the the night before, at once thought experience you have had with, other of a bank robbery, but investi- physicians, settle it forever in your mind. gation proved him wrong. The If your case is incurable they will tell you  .... ,, so, Consult them upon this visit. It cause and location of the explos- ,,,, costs you nothing, ion are still a deep mystery. O P E ! A H O C S E Married ladies must come with their NO"S Frolll No, , Nol "fi .,ri husbands and minors with ,heir parents, or r 0 ce e s, Burlingame, Kansas Laboratoaies. Milwaukee Vv'isconsin. Peter Peterson, R. J. Stortz , ,sven;n" Cal, and see them, and Geo. Scofield shipped hogs ExceptMeal andn Beans.Flur' ...:r;aa,, The social given Friday night to Kansas City Tuesday. " 9 by the Pythian Sisters for the Chas. Marshall shipped a car FEB. 12, 1915 benefit of the Orphans' Home of cattle to Kansas City Monday. was well attended and netted a Mrs. Fred Brown is visiting We still sell Breakfast LINCOLN'S BIRTHDAY nice profit. The program was with her daughter, Mrs. Fred Foods, Canned Goods, an excellent one and was greatly Pierson, near Osage City this An evening of high class enter- enjoyed by all. week. Teas, Coffees, Fresh Veg- tainment cud Perfect Enjoyment. 'It was thepurpose of the town- Ye humble pencil pusher has etables, Butter,Eggs, etc. at A program filled with fun and ship board to meet last Saturday been suffering with a severe at- old time orices, and even replete with sentiment will be but owing to the absence of W. tack of the grippe for the past K. Hanna in KansasCify, where week. 16 Ibs. sugar for $ l presented by our best local talent, he was on the federal jury try- Mrs. Geo. Newll returned to isn't half bad. Living is not so , guaranteeing a show pleasing ingtheBadderscase, themeting her home in Burlingame last high if you trade at the right alike to old and young, had to be postponed t . week after a protracted stay , Will VanWay of Harveyville with Mrs. John Peterson. place and make careful selec- Fine vocal and instrumental music, new songs, old songs, monologues, has been here this week visiting Mr. and'Mrs. G. K. Watson tion. See? dancing, funny sketches and mirth provoking caricatures, his sister, Mrs. Ray Seaberger. were Burlingame visitors Tues-  , , , ,,, Mr. YanWay has been in Neb- day. ission 35C.Don,t Reserved Seats on sale at Price'S'Dat.e. One Night Only. raska a couple of years past, re-turningcouple oftweeksthiSago.Sectin but a PetersontheThe youngster at the JOhnname homeof MissnWEva.answers to GEO H THOMAS The efforts of Senator J.H. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Peterson  FEBRU ARY 12th Stavely to repeal the dog tax bill visited at Geo. Scofield'sWednes- Op of two thwarted ,. era II Irli .,,.,n " . b BURLINOA/00IE tast sta,00]y, 00il] people act was attended the Oveson sale Wed- nesday.