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February 4, 1915     The Osage County Herald-Choronicle
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February 4, 1915

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: ....... 08AGw CO CHRONICLL q |1 / The 'Pioneer 'State Bank Is not the largest bank in Kansas; nor is it the smallest, but we are large enouKh to give you all the legitimate needs you may require, and yet we are small enough to give you every Courtesy. We will listen to your troubles, so that you will not have to go to a policeman. We will give you the advantage of any knowledge that we may have gained from our experience. You need us. We need you. Call in and see us. I Ready to Pay Before Due, I At the council meeting Mon-[' day evening the matter of taking] up some electric light bonds with the sinking fund on hand was[ discussed as an offer to sell some I of the bonds at a premium had / been made by the holders. Fur- / therinformation relative to the / matter will be forth-coming at' the next meeting of the council. The holder of the bonds, in writ- ing about their sale to the city, takes occasion to congratulate the city on its excellent financial condition and says we are for- tunate in having been so well managed from a fipancial stand- point that we are able to take up bonds before they are due. He contrasts conditions here with thosein his own city, greatly to the disadvan, tage of the latter. There i no question that the Peruna is not a new and untried remedy-our grand- fathers used it, Fifty years ago it was on sale, nearly every drug store in the country can supply it. t is recognized as a house- hold remedy irt thousands of homes for coughs, colds, grip, catarrh and those troubles arising from such disturbances. TODAY IT IS JUST AS EFFECTIVE, JUST A S RELIABLE AS EVER AND NOTHING BETTER HAS BEEN DEVISED AS A READY-MADE MEDI- CINE. Tho.e who ebJeet io Liquid Medicine vlll flud petnttnn Tab- lets n desirable remedy for CATARRHAL CONDITIONS. BENEFITS OF HOME BUYING, Every Town Needs a "Get Together Ghb" 1 LIGHT PROTECTS NEW YORK Beams That Can Be Projected for One Hundred Miles in Use on Fortifications. Thro'ing searchlight beams 100 miles is now being accomplished at the navy yard in New York. It is not known that there are more pow- erful searchlights in existence, un- less they have heen recently placed in service in warfare in Europe. It is understood that if the tests of this new lamp satisfy the government of- ficials it will replace those now in use on the battleships and in coast defense work. The ]amp is equipped with a 44- inch reflector, and during recent tests measurements have indicated a total generation of 450,000,000 candle power, at a distance of about two miles. The light used in the navy at present, equipped with a 44- inch reflector, produces only 60,000,- 000 candle power. It is calculated financial affairs of Burlingame that this lamp, with a 60-inch re- BASKET BAR SCHEDULE 11: o'clock a. m.--Rev. A. L. Irummond of Norton, Kansas, will Preach. 3: o'clock p. m. Junior Union. 6:30 p. m. Young People's society. Program in charge of Miss Mary Hile, captain of group number one. 7:30p. m. Rev. A. L. Drum- mond will again preach. Monday, Feb. 8. 7:45 p. m. The Men's prayer meeting at the Baptist church. Feb. 10.--Ladies' meet Mth Mrs. | Following we give the schedule of games arranged for the recent- ly organized Osage County League of Basket Ball" teams: At At At At ' At  At  At Seranton'OsageC'y Reading Burling "e Q uenemo. Melvern Lyndon Week of Week of Week of Week,, of Week of Weekof Week of 2 Lyndon Mar I 1 eb 2 : .... .. Scranton ................... 00iari F'e'b i3 g , ................... F'e'b "i ........... Mar8 Osage City !Feb 15 ......  ......................... . ....... .,o Reading Mar 8 Feb 8 i i ............ . ........... Burlingame iar 8: i%'b 22 ....... i Quenemo ...... F'e'b :'lMar ......................... li le'b i5 Melvern Feb 1 Feb 22 Feb 8 ' . ...... -- | t I 5omething New in Burlingame Pioneer State Bank have been we|l managed under With "Buy at N0me" asits Slogan. [ flector, will give 100,000,000 candle Capital $50,000 Surplus $5,600.00 the present administration, Cost- The Topeka Commercial club I power at a distance of two miles. ly public improvements have been is trying to educate the:residentsl The carbons are slightly morn than Price's Drug Store recently purchased a of that city on the benefits of[ one-half inch in diameter and are made and yet there has been [buying at home--a duty that I made with a core of metal. They are supply of the best Eczema remedy in the =- ,, marked economy and absolutely world, Ask him to tell you about Dry lshuld be patent to every citi-/ kept cool and prevented from vapor- ' -, Don't Feel Good" Presbyterian Notes, _ n:n go;lthge tfa:f:t ::r:dmW; / 37 Moist Zensal for all watery eruptions, u /men of every town. The only izig by the action of the intense Zensal for the crusty, scaly skin and nt is what a lot of people tell I way to keep your own town heat, by a jet of gas playing against U=llythbowelsonlyneedlg Two special services next Sun- strations will do as well - , , day. The morning service will -- - " ]thrifty and make it grow is to the ends of tbe carbons. / 'buy every dollar's worth you SELECTS HIS OWN OFFICERS ..... "will do the triek and make you lee " er and son. The parable of the ........... [need of your home merchant. The KansasLegislature, 1 We know this positively. Take one ,,n;, ,+u,, . ;u . .... n donn vietta, loy t'arKer, lvlrs. [ 1 a That is just plain horse sense [ Ma.y Have Vou.d Out That "Pun" ts tonight, flold only by us, 10 oont" v ....  .......... ,_,, , .,,u. Robert Elliott and Mr. and Mrs. [ When you subscribe for a dai y [ . W'   : " v.w. Pogwe,I. " You will be interested in mis as - - , But too many refuse to recognize[ of Little Avail With Lord ........ d Tom Micheals are on the sick! Kitchener. newspaper you generally want a I -rl., ..... i also in me WOrK accompnsne ....... !the duty and as a result the larg-| , ,,!by a father and son. nat.thiS weep. Elliott is im ler towns continue to feed on the| Having made his own way with- paper that will give you both ,l]'r I The young people give you a in " l / smaller ones, just as the big fish| out the aid of influence, Earl Kitch- sides of all questions in a fmr[ V--  k CHURCH EWS  I special invitation to their servic e prov gmyey. , , swallows the minnow and the| ener has always been noted for being andimpartialmanner. Youalso" lt,f ,, -- at 7:30 o'clock p. m. They have .arry unamp, wno nas been minnow gobbles tho tadpole. ] absolutdy impervious to such con-Iwant the news. "!ll I This is just what you will get " t a nroram of interest to all VlSlUng win. miner, let buncmy "Buy at Home" should be the siderations. Anciefi Baptist Notes " " ", for his home in Missouri r- The Sunday school mane an slogan of the people of every While he w preparing for his if you take the Topeka State At Announcements for the week offering to Emporia College last Tseh:tfr:;r;:h:2lab2:;feePkP2: town ambitions to grow, and they expedition to Khartum he was fairly [Journal. There is much interest A[I_ beginning February 7; 1915. officers who wanted to go along. / in Topeka this winter. The State 10: o'clock a. m. Sunday school. Sunday. a should live up to it, everyone of over:vhchned with applications froli n the legislature which meets We would like to see you at account of.sickness, them, laborer, mechanic, farm- They brought all sorts of influence Journal is the official state paper, David McMurdo visited Sun- er, merchant, professional man, to bear from all sorts of People. I which guarantees you the news day at the home of his father, [of all legislative actions. Watch I the doings of the new admini- I /stration. You will also get all the war news in detail each day, any or all of the services of the church. W. 0. DAWS, Pastor. Methodist Mention, SUNDAY SERVICES: 10 a. m.--Sunday school. 11 a. m.--Morning Worship. 3 p. m.--Junior League. 6:30 p. m.--Epworth League. 7:30 p. m.--Evening Worship. The Ladies' Aid Society will meet Wednesday afternoon at the church. D. A. SHUTT. Pastor. night 7:30 p. m. prayer meeting and : monthly business session. The boys have raised about one fourth of the amount they are working for. The Junior collectors did very well Sunday morning for their :: first experience in taking up a collectiOn. The Juniors will begin practic- their second drill next Sun- day. The first program of the young people under the new plan . was given last Sunday night. In spite of the rain all but one had their parts. The attendance was good and all seemed interested. : Florence Fenwick had charge of the program, : There were more than a dozen who had followed the Bible Read- era course and most of them had learned the first and twenty-third psalm. We haven't the full re- port but we think group 1 is ahead. The song books of the Sun- beam girls came this week and now it will not be long, till we have some special music. The superintendent is planning some special features for the opening of the Sunday school. ..... Watch for them. | Garbondale's Rural Life Gonference, "A rural life conference" will be held in Carbondale February 9 and 10. This conference will be attended by leaders in rural work from Osage, Franklin, Coffey, Lyon, Wabaunsee, Doug- las and Shawnee counties. The lectures and addresses will be given by men who have had special training and exper- ience in this work. Exhibits of community surveys and statisti- cal charts, with lectures illustrat- ed by stereopticon views, will add interest to the meetings. Persons who are desirous of attending this conference will receive a program if they will write to Rev. Walter Burr, rural service expert in the Kansas State Agricultural College, who is arranging the program. Notice A; O, U, W. Members are invited to be pre- sent at lodge Friday evening February 5. Business of import- ance. Refreshments after lodge. Committee. City Clerk N. J. Griffin has been on the sick list for over a week but is able to get to his office again, though scarcely fit for duty. J. T. PRINGLE, President. N. P. GARRETSON, Vice.President. manufacturer and all. The mar- One candidate, the scion of a dis- Wm. McMurdo. chant who buys in other towns tinguished'house, arrived in Cairo Mr. and Mrs. N. K. Parker and what he can get through another with a letter from no less a person- family visited in Scranton Satur- merchant at home should have age than the prince of Wales, which day, on account of the illness of no complaint to offer if the far- as in effect a commamt to employ Mrs. Parker's mother, mar or labor or mechanic follows the bearer in the forthcoming expe- as well as all other news. Mrs. Chas. Goebel visited her his example. Every town should dillon. Naturally the gentleman re- A big point in your favor abort sister, Mrs. H, Berger Monday. have a "Get Together club," garded his position as assured and the State Journal is the fact that with every citizen a member, made all preparations to go with the it is not only one of the best Sirdar. But after waiting around daily newspapers published in Miss Matilda Elliott visited and it should adopt and live up Cairo for several weeks without bear- Kansas, but its subscription rates at the home of Dewi Reese in lt o the rule of buying everything word about his expected by mail are very low: $3.60 per Burlingame Sunday. I possible at home. he result ing one berth he reached the reluctant con- A crowd of friends gathered atl would be more prosperous, pro- elusion that Kitehener preferred to year; $1.80 for sixmonths. Sub- the home of Vincent Tosone/gressive towns, better stores and make his own appointments and re- scribe now; you will like the Saturday evening to celebrate ! better stocks of goods, more work turned to London accordingly.-- paper, as it is independent and Elma's birthday. Light refresh-lfo r laborers and mechanics, in- World's Work. will give you news of every des- ments were served, creased value of farms and town cription. LESS PAUPERISM NOTED. 100 day trial order $i.00 Miss Bertha Reese visited at propty, better prices for farm Sample copy upon request. the home of Robt. Elliotts Satur- products and more contentment, Pauperism is decreasing in the TOPEKA STATE JOURNAL, day. happiness, good fellowship and in the United States, according to Mrs. Axel Paterson is on the prosperity all around, a recent census statement. The ratio Topeka, Kansas. of almshouse paupers to population FREE TO YOU! sick list this week. has steadily declined at every census East Superior Items. If You since 1880. One-third of the pan- For a limited period beginning are troubled with heartburn, gases and A number from here saw Uncle a distressed feeling after eating take a pers in ahnshouses in 1910 were un- Friday January 15, 1915, and end- Tom's Cabin Monday night.  Dyspepsia der fifty-five years of age. The ing March 1, 1915, we have this Mrs. John Peel visited with t@ Tablet males outnumbered the females two special offer to make old or new before and after each meal ill to one. Preponderance of paupers subscribers to the Chronicle: Pay Mrs. Steve Buttler one day last obtainpromptmlid.oldonlyPyuso  of foreign birth was also cited. The l u p arrears and a year in advance, week. F.W. Fogwell. ratio of pauperism among negroes J. P. Stortz shipped hogs Mon- and white is about equal, populaIion l yea rl if an inldadvanceSUbscriber'if a newr paYsubscri_One day. Gousin of Dr. Stahl Killed, considercl. I ber, and we will have the Kan- Mr. and Mrs. George Dicker- R.H. Stahl, a police sergeant WON TO CO-OPERATION. / sas City Weekly Star sent toyour hog spent Sunday afternoon with _, ^_,,.  ....  ..... ;,,  [address for one year at our ex- yam UillS ano iamny .... hi of this c'" In an address at Minneapolis Sir pense and without cost to you. tf . " . - I OI Dr. l;a ly, was I tieorge mcMurdo or Beaver, ]shot and killed by another police] Hrace Plunketf said: "When I Okla., arrived early Sunday morn- I officer on Tuesday night of last I began preaching co-operation to our ing, his wife having come several lwee k Stahl had found a stolen I farmers in Ireland many years ago l Bob Patterson was the lucky months before. They will make ! motor car of which the police had] it was only after the fifty-first ad- 1 one at the Garden last Friday dress to farmers' gatherifigs that the night, securing the handsome this their home in the.future, been notified it and drove it past] first co-operative organization was silver set given away by Man- Grandfather Beverly, who de- a patrolman to see if he would formed. Now" we have 920 co-opera- ager Bratton. spite his 98 years of life is still recognize it. The patrolman tire farmers' organizations, with sev ...... able to get about and visit with called on Stahl to stop and getting eral hundred thousand farmers, and his friends, was a pleasant caller o immediate response opened they did a business the last year in JAMES RAFTER at the Chronicle office Monday, fire and a ball penetrated Stahl's excess of $17,000,000." REAL :ESTATE the raging snow storm and keen, head. The dead man was born THE RIGHT HAND. cold wind having no terrors for in Shawnee county, where his Helen--Adelia accepted old Bil- him. Mr. Beverly is always a parents still reside, lion's hand in marriage yesterday. welcome caller at this office and Nellie--The hand he signs checks Rafter Bldg, HOLTON. KAN List your property -,pith us. we hope to see him coming for Miss Bessie Miner was in To- with, I suppose. many years yet. peka Friday. GHIGHESTER'S Mine Operatorsl , The Chrole office is prepared "It's no wonder those German guns cough steel and fire." DIAMOND BRAND E. S. TAYLOR, to supply you, on short notice, "Why that remark?" ,,,,o,. ::  Asst. Cashier. with top sheets, anew loton "They've got the Krupp." *'-Oo,* '- # ' heavy, substantial stock, having L,ms t been just printed. Mail or phone PRECEDENT, a,d= ym.. , for CHI-CHS-TRSA orders will be filled promptly for  DIAMOND BRAND PILL in RzD and/Ak "Samanthy, you mustn't eat youz oen metallic boxek sealed with Blue$ Ribbe, TAm mo OTHER. B euY these or any other mine printing pie with a knife." azAMo hNa PIL for twenty-n,= you may need. "Well, that stylish city woman ,ear, regarded as Best,Safest, Always Reliable. The Chronicle eats her ice cream with a fork." 0 LD BY ALL DRUGGISTS f. Burlingame, Kan. TIM]E EVERYWHERE worms F. M. NELSON, Cashier. ITS SOURCE. SANTA FE TIME CARD "The critics say this prima donn8 has a voice of velvet." EASTBOUND. "Yes, that's where her pile come rnwt  5 Kansas City Express ....... 6:55 P x8 KC &Chgo Express ..... 3:doAM i ! Eansas City Express. ..... x:o 5 P M Btat OfLucasOhio, cltYcounty,of Toledo, [SL z zo K C Passenger 6;50 A M Frank J. Cheney makes oath that he M ... .... .. 64 %Vay Freight ........ 8;to A M senior partner of the firm of F. J. Cieney ....  Co., doing business m the ity or To- ledo, Countg and State aforesaid, and WESTBOUND, that said firm will pay the sum of ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS for each and ev- ery case, of Catarrh that cannot be cured 5 Colorado Express ..... i:o5 P M by the use of HALL'S CATARRH CURI. "'" FRANK J. CHENEY, 17 Oklahoma Express ........ I2:49 A zz 3 Panhandle Express ....... II;19 A worn to before me and subscribed in ImypresenCe, thia 6th day of December, zo9 Emporia Passenger ..... 8.'oo P M A, D. 188 63 Way Freiht.... ....... z;Se P M (Seal) J. W. GLEASON, - Notary Public. Referonces: Catarr'a fs taken internally have made sales. aeta the blood and mu- end fOP y Capital Stock, $50,000. Surplus, $10,000. That', the Sta Fe way--the only line to both Expositions. pueblo-ndlans, pctricd orests, painted dcserte or you to see en route. And the Grand Canyon o'rlzona, earth's eceni Reduea far*, dm4n Exp- d6ou lcrlod. tratzd foLdzr alm.t California. th* Expo,iCtoa and what t'o 4m on te way. YF. Dickensheets Agent THERE IS To the products of our Bakery, becacse our San- itary surroundings, the high quality of goods us- ed in our shop and the "knowing how" give us the edge odthe business. Buy the goods made at home and you will al. ways get satisfaction. Thorn Order the Chronicle now. COL. W. Q. HYATT THE OLD RELIABLE Live Stock Salesman Late of Osage Gounty Offers his services to the people of Shawneeand ad- joining counties at the following terms: 5ales under $t,ooo, Ten Dollars; Over $1,ooo, one per cent. I can make plenty of money at one per cent. if you will gve me the business. The best farmers and stock raisers o[ the state, for whom I Your , solicited, $7. first 00ank, 16urli.gam, . / No man ever accomplished much in finances without the aid oi a bank. To obtaiafaw)rs from a bank, it must know you. The best way to become acquainted is to do business with it. Start witha small deposit if you can't make a large one. Make it a point to keep anaccount all the time. You will find once started. The bank is glad to have you to increase your earnings.